Human Resources

The success and future of Klimaoprema is built by competence of its employees. Our success would not have been possible without the professional, innovative, flexible and motivated employees who are prone to teamwork and achieving goals. To meet the needs of our clients, we constantly invest in development and education of our employees. 

With joint gatherings and celebrations we strive to enrich and refresh business challenges and develop a team spirit. 

We are dynamic company with a steady increase in business. We employ self-initiative and professional individuals who are focused on goals. Likewise, young people with no experience with the expressed will to learn and work, are welcome.

We employ about 300 workers, 40 of them in Nova Gradiška.

  • 40 master degrees, graduate engineers
  • 30 engineers, bachelor
  • 230 installers, repairers, electricians, tehnicians and skilled workers

The application and CV can be sent to [email protected] Your application will be received and archived in the service of human resources.