Synergy of Klimaoprema and scientists

At the initiative of  DIV group, CEKOM was founded - Competence center for advanced mobility that brings together several Croatian universities and companies in order to mutual exchange of knowledge, and the agreement was signed on 15.10.2016. at Brodosplit.

With Klimaoprema, in CEKOM are strong companies DIV d.o.o., KONČAR electrical appliances d.d. and Adria Winch and universities FSB Zagreb, FESB Split, Faculty of Maritime Studies Split, FGAG Split.

Klimaoprema will participate in the development of technology platforms that will deal with new technologies in the field of product development. Thus formed R&D activities will strengthen the manufacturing sector and increase competitiveness at the global level.

CEKOM will manifest itself in the tenders of the Ministry of Economy relating to development projects co-financed from EU funds.

Linking producers and engineering resources with research facilities will result in the introduction of advanced production technology and create innovative products that will have a direct impact on reducing production costs, save energy, reduce emissions and other social benefits.