Synergy of Klimaoprema and scientists

Synergy of Klimaoprema and scientistsKlimaoprema d.d. signed the agreement on association in the CEKOM - Competence center for advanced mobility, which gathers several Croatian universities and companies to exchange knowledge. For more information click on the text.

Synergy of economic and scientific institutions

Klimaoprema d.d. and the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering have signed an Agreement of cooperation on research, development and educational projects. This Agreement defines the principles of long-term cooperation between the FSB and Klimaoprema on joint projects of research, development and education in the field of activities of the FSB and Klimaoprema.

Through hockey and KHL league to new markets

Through hockey and KHL league to new marketsKlimaoprema d.d. and KHL Medveščak Zagreb have signed a cooperation agreement thanks to which the Bears will line up new victories in the next season.